Skinspirational Series: Brittany

Our skinspirational series highlights a few of our favorite skincare enthusiasts in the Skinspo community. They’ve shared skincare routines that work for them – and here, we go behind the routine and chronicle their skincare journey. First up? We chat with Britt from IG @fiddyteen, who shares what works for her, the compliments she welcomes, and her tried-and-true holy grail product!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

A: I’m 53 and I love skincare and makeup. Both are my hobbies and I use them as self care rituals. I believe it’s important for women to take care of themselves. It’s paramount for one to feel beautiful, and special, just for oneself. If others appreciate the efforts then I’ll take the compliment. Especially, if they think I’m in my thirties!

Q: What got you started on your skincare journey?

A: When I was 10, my mother purchased my first edition of Vogue and I’ve never looked back. I’ve had a skin care regimen since I was 13. It was Neutrogena soap (Brooke Shields used it), Sea Breeze astringent, and Pond’s cold cream. Later, I upgraded to apricot scrubs which were all the rage. This is all we had in the 80s and my skin survived. Saturday night was my “beauty night”. I made DIY masks, steamed my face, and painted my nails. I kept up this tradition for most of my adult life; except, I will go to the spa for facials, but I love skincare Sunday.

Q: What’s your HG (holy grail) product?

A: There have been many but it has to be Crème de la Mer by La Mer. Hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. A runner up is May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon (blue tansy – yum). La Mer is a good product, wildly overpriced, but that’s another discussion. It’s worth the money. Invest in the brand after 40; before it’s not worth the splurge.

Q: Who is your skinspiration?

A: Me because I am the Queen of Glow! I’m proud of how great I look. I still got it and I’m aging naturally. I hope other young women can be inspired to take their skincare seriously at younger ages. I’m constantly surprised by 20-somethings wearing full coverage foundation. My motto: Be good to your skin and your skin will be good to you.

Check out Britt’s Skincare Routine for Normal Skin!

Britt's Skincare Routine for Normal Skin

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