Skinspirational Series: Ale

Our skinspirational series highlights a few of our favorite skincare enthusiasts in the Skinspo community. They’ve shared skincare routines that work for them – and here, we go behind the routine and chronicle their skincare journey. First up? We chat with Ale from IG @amenglowing, who shares how she uses her talents & love for skincare to pursue #skingoals and professional opportunities!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

A: My name is Ale, I´m 19 years old and I’m currently in college studying graphic design in México. I’m passionate about photography and creating original and inspiring content, especially for my career. My 2 years of college learning graphic design has helped me to improve my photography skills and reflect them in my instagram page. 

Q: What got you started on your skincare journey?

A: I started on my skincare journey wanting to create original and creative content using skincare products that I have, and learn more [about] the amazing [skincare] community. I myself have never suffered from acne. However, I wanted to improve my skin and feel more confident without using any makeup.

At first, I was more into makeup when I started my IG account ‘amenglowing.’ However, I realized you need a healthy canvas, which led me to do research and lean more towards skincare.  In a short amount of time, I’ve had amazing opportunities. For example, big brands such as Boscia [have told] me how inspiring my content is [and have] even offered to send their products for me to try! I would never in a million years seen myself using this platform to share my passion for skincare and photography!

Q: What’s your HG (holy grail) product?

A: My HG product at the moment has to be Holifrog cleansers. After I started using those products, I started noticing a difference in the texture of my skin, especially on my forehead. As a result, almost all of my forehead bumps have diminished tremendously – so yes, HG product for sure! Besides, each cleanser [in their line] has a different purpose and it’s great that a customer gets to choose which one goes more with their skin type. 

Q: Who is your skinspiration?

A: My skinspiration has to be Hyram. He is a Youtuber who mostly talks about skincare and products that are good for the skin. Thanks to him, I know more about how to take good care of my skin using non-harmful ingredients. He has flawless skin and he’s definitely a big inspiration for me. 

Check out Ale’s Skincare Routine for Combination Skin!

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