The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution: Before and After

Today, we bring you our first edition of “does this product actually deliver results” with before and after comparison photos of The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution after using it for two weeks!


You might have noticed a new trend cropping up on your skincare media feed. Minimalist packaging paired with potent ingredients and low prices has made The Ordinary a recent cult favorite in the skincare world. Meet The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, a blood red peeling mask garnering rave reviews.

The solution comes in a small 30 mL glass vial with a built in dropper, the typical packaging for most of The Ordinary’s popular serums and solutions. Reading the back of the packaging, I noted the warning to those with sensitive skin due to the high concentration of acids in the product. As someone with lightly sensitive skin and not particularly well versed in acid exfoliation, I was a little unnerved by this warning but took it with a grain of salt as I decided to proceed.


The recommended use of this product is no more than twice per week. I decided to start my review process on a Tuesday night. After doing a patch test on the inside of my arm, I moved forward with the facial application. After cleansing, I patted dry and waited until my skin was completely water free (the directions are explicit that the solution should not be applied on wet areas.) Take a look at my skin that Tuesday night before using the mask.

picture of face before using the ordinary peeling solution

During the mask application process, I noticed a light burning/tingling sensation that lasted for the first minute or two. It was not all together uncomfortable. I’d acquaint it with that “oh it’s working” feeling you get when you apply salicylic acid to a pimple. I followed the recommendations and kept this solution on for 10 minutes. Note: please beware that you will look like Kim Kardashian doing her blood facial when using this product.

I removed the solution by rinsing with cold water. After removal, I noted a bright and light feeling on my skin, like I had banished the dead dull skin on my cheeks. I was so surprised at my skin looking more radiant. Application number one was a success!

picture of face after first application of peeling solution

On Wednesday I let my skin rest.


I did my second peeling solution application on Thursday night. I followed the same process I did on Tuesday, but this time, I left the mask on five minutes longer by accident as I waited for my tea to boil. (Oops!) After removal, I was really impressed with the results. My skin felt lighter and looked visibly less textured. 

picture of face after second application of peeling solution

This process stayed the same into the second week of the solution. I let my skin rest on Friday and applied Saturday night before bed. I replicated the application on my face as before, this time being more diligent about keeping on the mask for only 10 minutes. Upon wash off, I noticed that the dry pimple on the left side of the bridge of my nose was practically gone. Note that the nights I didn’t use the mask, I switched off between vitamin c serum and clindamycin phosphate formulas, which also boost skin clearing.

I noted that the results after the Saturday application weren’t as intense as the previous. My skin still felt the refreshing qualities of the acid peels.

picture of face after third application of peeling solution

I let my skin rest from the peel Monday and Tuesday.


Nothing new here! With less acne from previous application, the final solution process left my skin feeling happy but without very visible change.

picture of face after fourth application of product

 For me, this solution was a win! It did not irritate my skin and delivered visible results, reducing my acne scars, evening out my skin tone, and even nipping some emerging pimples in the bud. It will definitely be making its way into my permanent lineup of favorite products. At $7.20, this is a steal for a powerful product that delivers real results.

picture of face comparing before and after

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