Alicia Keys’ Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

The 15-time Grammy winner and musician Alicia Keys is famous for embracing a natural approach to beauty and her skincare routine. She is frequently photographed with light or no make-up, regardless of how big the stage or event is. She previously shared, “I’m not a slave to makeup. I’m not a slave to not wearing makeup either. I get to choose at [any] given moment. That’s my right.”

Alicia Keys recently announced she will be launching a skincare brand with drugstore brand E.l.f. in 2021. Given her wholistic approach to skincare and wellness, we think it will be a good addition to the drugstore skincare line-up.

Meanwhile, her current skincare routine is based on a combination of natural ingredients and high performing products – it’s an inspiration to those seeking a simple yet effective skincare routine!

Read on for Alicia Keys’ skincare routine for glowing, healthy skin below!

alicia keys skincare routine

Alicia Keys’ Skincare Routine

  1. Step 1: Osmosis Skincare Deep Clean Detox Cleanser

    “My favorite thing to use right now is the Osmosis. My skin requires a little bit more strength when cleansing. I get my little pump in, as much as I want, I wet my hands, I lather it up. It gets all lathery. [When rubbing], it’s all about going up on the skin and on the neck. It feels good and makes me refreshed.”

  2. Step 2: Epicuren Bulgaricum Probiotic Mask Powder

    “Epicuren is one of my favorite brands. I was always fascinated that if you put probiotics on your face, or your body, wherever you want, how good is that? So I love this mask. This aloe vera calming gel, which is awesome, as well. I squirt [the gel] in my hand, and [mix it] with the mask, it’s very much of a powder to sprinkle [onto the gel]. And rub together. What I like about it is first of all, it smells like there’s food, on your face so you want to eat yourself. And second of all, it kind of has a grainy texture, and it feels good. It’s like an exfoliant, but more of a calming thing. I’ll wait about 5 minutes with this mask on.”

  3. Step 3: Sacred Rose Water Spray

    “I love this a lot, it’s called sacred rose water. It smells amazing! So basically, spray it all around your body, as much as you need it. And you take it in, you breathe it in, you smell it.”

  4. Step 4: Lancer Legacy Eye Treatment Duo

    “I always like a good under eye something. This one is really cool. I like it especially because there’s one [treatment] for day and one for night… I feel like, let’s start now to get all these areas going well.”

  5. Step 5: Epicuren X-Treme Cream Sunscreen SPF 45

    “Finally just a little bit of cream. So this, it really smells quite good and its also a sunscreen. But for me, my skin is very sensitive so I go very light, because cream can sometimes be a little bit heavy.”

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