Skinspirational Series: Dulguun

Everyone starts their skincare journey somewhere. Our skinspirational series highlights a few of our favorite skincare enthusiasts in our community. They’ve shared skincare routines that work for them – and here, we go behind the routine and chronicle their skincare journey. We chat with Dulguun (@dlgnskin), and she shares how skincare became a way to care for herself both internally and externally.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: Hello, My name is Dulguun. I’m 19 years old from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I’m a full-time business student with a passion for skincare, beauty and overall taking care of myself from both internally and externally. I think I have so much things to learn and create in this skincare community.

I love entrepreneurship and always dreamt of creating my own skincare brand and before that I would like to work for a skincare company where I’ll have opportunities to develop, take on interesting projects and work with people I can really learn from. My hobbies include: looking at skincare, buying skincare, applying skincare and talking about skincare.

Q: What go you started on your skincare journey?

A: I haven’t always been into skincare and that’s because I had clean skin that everyone talks about. Back then, I only washed my face with a drugstore cleanser and put on moisturizer – that’s it. Generally, I didn’t have any problem with my skin.

However, I started using coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer almost 2 years ago. I didn’t know anything about skincare, and did not know coconut oil should not be used on your skin as it is comedogenic. This means coconut oil can’t penetrate the pores and suffocate your skin because it sits on top of the skin. After 2 months of using that, I started breaking out and getting weird bumps around my forehead. I accidentally picked my skin and it got worse with bleeding and scarring.

It was so horrible that I didn’t even want to go outside. It left with me with scars that made me very self conscious. So after all that happened, I did a lot of research and became more interested in skincare. Within a few months, my skin cleared up completely and now I’m focused on maintaining the healthy skin that I have right now. Skincare is something that I am really passionate about and truly enjoy doing it.

Q: You live in Mongolia. Has you environment shaped the way you think about beauty and skincare?

A: Mongolia is beautiful country with a diverse land, eternal blue sky, and lots of wonderful places to see. Mongolia has a high elevation, with a cold and dry climate. It has an extreme continental climate with warm summers and long, dry and very cold winters. Even though, Mongolia is beautiful. There are some negative external effects such as air pollution, extreme climate which affects people’s daily life. Whether it’s cold and dry or hot and humid, an area’s climate can really affect the skin all over the body, causing everything from acne breakouts to itchy dry patches. Colder climates can be tough on the skin. Cold temperatures often mean low humidity, which dries out skin. Bitterly cold winds can also strip moisture from exposed skin. Throughout the winter months, many people find their skin to be rough, red, tightened, cracked or peeling because of dryness.For example: in rural Mongolia, it is common to see rosy red cheeks, flushed with telangiectasis due to sun, wind, and snow. In the capital city, the rosy cheeks are not seen as frequently; instead, many woman wear light makeup to highlight their features. This is how our climate impacts on how our skin look and standard of beauty in general. So we constantly need to hydrate, moisturize and protect our skin from external issues. As far as I know, majority of people starting to really get into skincare (k-beauty) and taking care of themselves.

Q: What’s your HG (holy grail) product?

A: Honestly I don’t really have a HG products. But I will say that oil cleansing method, cleanser that designed for your skin type, and sunscreen truly changed skin forever. Always remember to cleanse, moisturize and protect. I love Japanese sunscreens because they’re so light weight, don’t leave a white cast, and lastly absorbs quickly.

Q: Who is your skinspiration?

A: I’ve always pretty much idolized my mom, especially when it comes to her beauty. Growing up, I would sit on her bed and watch as she’d comb her hair, apply her eye shadow, and put on a really great lip color. Then at night, she’d carefully remove her makeup and apply a serum and very thick moisturizer. She was a huge fan of MaryKay. My mom taught me so much and she truly is my inspiration, and my everything.

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