Cosmetic & Skincare Ingredient Checker

Use our skincare ingredient checker to analyze any cosmetic ingredient list and find in-depth information and analysis about ingredients in the product!
How to Use?
Paste the ingredient list in the field.
Click the button to see the analysis report.
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What does the Ingredient Checker do?

Trying to figure out whether a skincare product is right for you or not can be a difficult task. There are multiple questions that may come up, like does this skincare product have good ingredients? Will this cosmetic product break me out?

Our analyzer breaks down ingredient lists and tells you several important things, like:

  • • Explanation of major “hero” ingredients
  • • Insights on how ingredients map to desired skin goals
  • Ingredient Safety information and breakdown (Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Sulfate-free, Fragrance-free, Silicone-free, Essential Oil-free, Allergen-free, Alcohol-free)
  • • Flag for any microplastics and environmental pollutants
  • • Instructions on where skincare product belongs in a skincare routine
  • Reviews and skincare routines for you to check out how others like and use the product
We can analyze and decode any ingredient list – simply copy and paste into the field above. For best results, separate each ingredient with a comma.


  • 1. Why should I care about ingredient lists?

    Ingredients help us understand the real functions and purpose of skincare products. They reveal how a product can help our skin, based on the science of ingredients and how they interact with our skin. We believe in using evidence and science-based approach to evaluating skincare. With our ingredient analyzer, you can check marketing claims on any product.
  • 2. What if I don’t have a product in mind?

    No worries! If you don’t have a specific ingredient list to check, use our smart search functionality to start discovering products that are a good fit for you and your skin goals.
  • 3. Is this a better alternative than CosDNA and SkinCarisma?

    We believe in a holistic approach to evaluating products. In addition to analyzing ingredient lists and breaking them down with easy-to-understand explanations, we also provide more robust and comprehensive ingredient safety information. For example, we’ll let you know if your product contains microplastics (environmental pollutants) and whether it contains any potential irritants (a.k.a. dirty dozen ingredients ).