Dry/Combination Skin
“I have changed things up a bit in the past couple months to deal with two major skincare issues that are currently plaguing me: adult acne and melasma.”
“I have changed things up a bit in the past couple months to deal with two major skincare issues that are currently plaguing me: adult acne and melasma.”
  • Neutrogena-Fresh Foaming Cleanser
    neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser
    First I cleanse with cheap-o Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Face Cleanser.
  • Bioderma-Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water
    bioderma sensibio h2o soothing micellar cleansing water
    I then follow with Bioderma Micellar Water on a cotton pad. The second cleansing step is critical! You will be surprised how much makeup and dirt is left on your face after your first cleansing with soap and water. If you use an oil balm or oil-based cleanser to wash your face, the micellar water gets rid of any film left on your skin that can cause breakouts.
  • SK-II-Facial Treatment Pitera Essence
    sk-ii facial treatment pitera essence
    Next I apply SK-II Facial Treatment Essence on clean, dry skin. Lately I was skipping this step, just because the FTE is expensive. But I have a reunion coming up, so recently I started incorpating it back into my nightly routine, and I can totally tell a difference. The essence gives my skin a clarity that no other product has seemed to lend.
  • Retinol - -Veltin Treatment
    retinol - veltin treatment
    Since I have been struggling with adult acne lately, my dermatologist suggested Veltin, a retinoid mixed with clindamycin (to combat zit-causing bacteria). So I apply Veltin after the SK-II has soaked in, once my skin feels clean and dry again. If you would like to start working a retinoid into your skincare routine for its anti-aging and line-fighting benefits, an over-the-counter alternative is Differin.
  • Estée Lauder-Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Serum
    estée lauder advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex ii serum
    Next I use this all over, including around my eyes. I used to use the Advanced Night Repair only after doing my gloPRO, but since I bought a mega size bottle during the Sephora VIB sale, I have been using it more regularly and I see a big difference in terms of hydration, firming, and glow!
  • Neocutis-LUMIÈRE
Eye Cream
    neocutis lumière eye cream
    Right now I am using Neocutis Lumiere because multiple friends told me it really works on dark under eyes. Too early to tell, but it seems fine so far. Not quite as moisturizing as my previous favorite, Tatcha Eye Cream, but seems to keep crows' feet at bay nonetheless.
  • Avène-Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream
    avène cicalfate restorative skin cream
    Last I apply a thick moisturizer, the Avene Cicalfate. Since I have been dealing with my cystic acne breakouts, I have struggled to find a night cream that is hydrating enough, yet won't break me out. I tried the Avene, mostly because it was recommended by my dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Segal. Knock on wood, but my breakouts have not been as frequent. The Avene is wonderfully hydrating and not creating new breakouts.
Commented 3 months ago
I love your routine. Its similar to my dream routine. We like a lot of the same products (micellar, gentle cleanser, adapalene is the retinol I'm trying to incorporate into my routine, and i've tried the sk-ii essence too!).
Commented 8 months ago
I love your routine! Glad everything is working to clear up your acne. I think you look lovely in your picture. However, I do have one suggestion. Micellar waters are great (especially this Bioderma one!) at gently removing makeup and dirt, but they contain surfactants, which can be irritating and drying when left on the skin. For me, it's a supplementary step that helps remove heavy makeup *before* doing my standard double cleanse. Personally, I would first use the micellar water to remove heavy makeup, then go in with the foaming cleanser to remove the micellar residue. But please, if it works for you, don't change it just because I said it! Just my thoughts :)
Commented 9 months ago
Def look into a few comparable toners that are much more economical -- Primera toner is one as well as Missha FTE!
Commented 10 months ago
I'm saving the eye cream for further research. looks interesting!