Dry/Normal/Sensitive Skin
  • Cure-Natural Aqua Gel
    What I liked
    Such a gentle exfoliator! Currently my HG! I've been using this product for years. It gently exfoliates without over doing it. It never over exfoliates or leaves any burning / tingling sensations. Leaves my skin super soft, silky, and baby smooth. I use this when my skin starts to get dry, patchy, and when my pores are clogged. It definitely helps remove the surface dead skin cells.
    What I disliked
    CONS: Pricy and hard to find.
    Special Tips
    I tried to purchase this off a big retailer starting with an "A" and rec'd fake products. If you want the real thing, you're going to have to go to specialized Asian skincare retailers.
Commented 4 months ago
Which retailer do you buy this from?
Commented 5 months ago
Oh no, fake, really? That's such a shame...