ARCONA Lavender Hydrasol Face Mist

ARCONA Lavender Hydrasol Face Mist

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ARCONA Lavender Hydrasol Face Mist
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Product Decoding & Ingredient Checker

  • A daily-use lavender hydrating spritz that moisturizes, soothes and hydrates skin, to leave it fresh, glowing and ageless.
  • Organic lavender extract, a natural antiseptic, is scientifically proven to relax and reduce tension and anxiety, calming both the mind and body. A synergistic blend of essential oils containing natural moisture-binding humectants hydrates the skin, leaving it moist and dewy. Perfect for radiant makeup applications.

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      • Plant-based
      • Organic
      • Natural
      • Alcohol Free
      • Paraben Free
      • Sensitizing Free
      • Fitness
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      Low Risk (100%)
      • Lavender Hydrasol,
      • Essential Oil Blend
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