Skinspirational Series: Jess

Our skinspirational series highlights a few of our favorite skincare enthusiasts in the Skinspo community. They’ve shared skincare routines that work for them – and here, we go behind the routine and chronicle their skincare journey. We talk with Jess from IG @jesslovesbeautyy; she shares how skincare rituals became the highlight of her day.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

A: My name is Jess! I’m a 20 year old toddler daycare teacher. I have always loved kids and being able to work with them every day is my favorite thing. I left college after realizing I wanted to spend more time working with children and ended up getting my certification online. In my free time I’m usually binging Criminal Minds, the Office or How To Get Away With Murder. Usually it’s during this time that I try different face masks or new makeup looks.

Q: What got you started on your skincare journey?

A: I became interested in skincare after leaving college. Since I was working, I had a bigger budget to try out new products. I’ve never had severe skin issues but I had always wanted a glowier look. Having a bigger income and a new interest in skincare, I started experimenting more and more. After that, my oiliness went away and what little acne I had cleared up. Within a few months I had achieved that glowy skin and fell in love with skincare. Now it’s my favorite thing to do everyday! 

Q: What’s your HG (holy grail) product?

Any and every Vitamin C serum! Ever since I started using Vitamin C, my face instantly got brighter. Along with the products I also use in my routine, my skin had cleared up and brightened so much. I’m in love! 

Q: Who is your skinspiration?

My skinspiration is Sean Garrette. I’ve been following him on Instagram and Twitter for over 6 months. His amazing skin is a testament to his morning and nightly routines. He gives great answers to his community’s skincare questions too. I’ve learned so much from his posts!

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