All About Aegyo Sal and How to Achieve the Look

In the world of K-beauty, ‘Aegyo Sal’ is an ever-popular trend. This term represents the surgical procedure of injecting fatty deposits or fillers along the undereye area, creating a fuller appearance. In many cases, Aegyo Sal is used to make eyes appear bigger, or “pop” in an attractive way.

This beauty trend, which originated in Korea but has gained traction in Japan and elsewhere, channels a youthful appearance. Initially appearing in Korean models and ads, many women have turned to Aegyo Sal to achieve the charming “double eyelid.”

In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of Aegyo Sal, exploring a few options for achieving the effect. Let’s take a closer look at what it entails and how to achieve it without surgical interference!

What is Aegyo Sal? How Does It Work?

The Korean term, simply translated, means “charming fat” and refers to the youthful appearance of small fat pockets under eyes for an innocent, softer look. Actually, this look has less to do with fat stores than with the Orbicularis muscle, which is fuller and highly developed during youth.

After a certain age, people only get the Aegyo Sal look when they smile—thus, achieving it surgically ensures a perpetually-happy appearance. In the world of K-beauty, this cheerful innocence – and a childlike countenance – is highly valued . However, it is a trend that has gained traction in the west recently, as well.

aegyo sal celebrities

This beauty phenomenon evolves from mainstream Korean advertising and appears on many famous models. However, for most adults, Aegyo Sal is not naturally-occurring, and almost always involves some type of interference to achieve.

While surgery is the most obvious option, there are a few different ways to create the look on your own. However, let’s first take a closer look at what a procedure entails.

Aegyo Sal Surgery

Currently, the most effective, long-term solution for Aegyo Sal is plastic surgery. The good news? If fat is injected (rather than a filler), the effect tends to last from 5-10 years, because fat is longer-lasting. Either way, the process involves local anesthesia to the lower eyelid, and is a procedure that entails recovery time.

It’s similar to any other facial surgery, including face lifts and filler injections in other areas. This may be a drawback for some people, though it’s ultimately no less invasive than the aforementioned procedures.

Don’t like the idea of surgically tampering with your eyes? There are other, equally-effective  options out there, as we’ll discuss later on! It all depends on whether you’d like to have a permanent or more temporary look.

If you’re thinking, “But I already have puffy undereyes! How is that different from Aegyo Sal?” Let’s clarify one important point: Aegyo Sal is not the same as having eye bags. 

Aegyo Sal vs. Eye Bags (There’s a Difference)

eye bag vs. aegyo sal

Of course, there’s a difference between the Aegyo Sal effect and having saddlebags under your eyes from lack of sleep. The first is cute and trendy, and associated with the act of smiling. The second just makes you seem stressed or sleep-deprived.

There are visual differences between the two. Eyebags fall further beneath your lower eyelid than Aegyo Sal does. The beauty trend hits just below the lash line, while dark shadows or eye bags fall as low as sinus cavities.

The main differences between them include area as well as look—Aegyo Sal is a childlike puffiness, while eye bags are merely dark, and lower-reaching. In fact, eye bags often have the opposite effect, making you look much older instead of youthful.

You cannot turn your eye bags into Aegyo Sal, so don’t try to highlight or draw attention to them. Doing so will only age your face. Instead, focus on getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and using proper skin care to make your bags go away. Then, you can focus on creating the Aegyo Sal effect, free of those unattractive saddle bags!

If you’re skeptical about surgery, you’re in luck! We’re about to cover other methods for achieving this popular look. Bottom line: it’s possible to get the same effect with cosmetic enhancements…and a little something called Aegyo Sal tape.

What Is Aegyo Sal Tape?

Aegyo Sal tape is an invisible adhesive that you temporarily apply to the lower eyelid area. This quick and easy solution creates the same bulge of fat that the surgical procedure would. It goes on easily, and is easily removed—no injections needed!

Aegyo Sal tape works similarly to double eyelid tape, which is used to create a double-lid effect. In addition to Aegyo Sal, creating this double eyelid is a popular Korean beauty trend, as most Koreans don’t have naturally-creased lids.

If you’re planning on going the tape route, be sure to buy cosmetic tape specifically for Aegyo Sal. Doing so will create the closest possible look to the beauty trend.

You can search for tape through online vendors, like Amazon, but your best bet is a shop that sells Korean goods. This will guarantee a higher-quality tape for a more natural look. Avoiding low-quality products will also help you dodge infections.

aegyo sal tape

To apply tape, place the strip just beneath your lower eyelid, ensuring that a “bunching” or puffy effect is created. Pull tape in a straight line, gathering just a bit of skin above, and smooth flat against skin. Clip remaining length with cosmetic scissors, if necessary.

Ta-da! You’ve got yourself an Aegyo Sal effect without ever stepping foot in a medical office. For some, this is by far a better solution than making a long term change to your face. On days when you don’t want the Aegyo Sal look, simply skip the tape. It’s that simple!

Can I Get Aegyo Sal with Exercise?

While doing certain facial exercises by no means guarantees the appearance of Aegyo Sal, there’s no harm in trying! In fact, there are many Korean blogs and YouTube tutorials that discuss certain exercises to achieve this look.

Warning: be careful not to overstress your eyes, or the skin surrounding your eyes, in performing these exercises. Always be gentle to prevent wrinkles, sagging, and other undesirable effects from manipulating the skin.

One exercise is gently biting the tip of your tongue, which naturally uses the muscles surrounding your eyes. Another exercise involves looking down in an attempt to see your lower eyelids, creating movement that lends itself to the look.

One additional exercise includes placing your forefinger and middle finger on either side of your eye, with one finger in the corner and one on the outer corner, and gently pushing up.

It’s not likely that you’ll achieve noticeable Aegyo Sal with these exercises, but doing them may make your eyes “pop” a bit more. For best non-surgical results, Aegyo tape or cosmetics work best to create the illusion of the look you want.

Achieve the Look with Make-up

Finally, you can get the Aegyo Sal look using make-up. Applying makeup comes with minimal risk of sagging or wrinkling, as it doesn’t involve tampering with the skin around your eye.

Also, experimenting cosmetically can be a great way to determine that you’d like the look permanently. Try it enough times, and you may decide that a procedure is the more effective route for you, after all.

aegyo sal tutorial with make-up

To create the illusion of Aegyo Sal with makeup:

  1. Begin by smiling! This will reveal the line under your eyes for naturally-occurring Aegyo Sal. Outline the area with a light brown eye shadow.
  2. After, fill in the area with an pearl-colored illuminating shadow or powder.
  3. Lastly, accentuate your eye with eyeliner, or with a lining brush and dark eye shadow. This will outline the whole area from top to bottom, creating the effect effortlessly!
  4. If needed, use a light concealer to even out any cosmetic inconsistencies between eyes.

There you have it—creating the Aegyo Sal illusion is a lot easier than you probably thought it was! Much like contouring your face, tracing that small area beneath the lids can really make your eyes pop. Best of all, you can get the effect without spending a dollar, or tampering with your eye area.

A Final Word

Whichever route you choose—surgery, tape, or cosmetics—Aegyo Sal is typically a very safe, common beauty procedure. If you have questions about a procedure, talk to your dermatologist, and see whether they recommend a surgeon. Consider starting with a less permanent option, such as tape or filler injections, to ensure you like the look before undergoing surgery.

Don’t get permanent surgery if you have very sensitive skin. Doing so might result in prolonged recuperating time, and could be more trouble than it’s worth. If this is the case for you, consider another option for achieving this popular look.

With so many ways to try out this fun, attractive trend, enjoy experimenting with the youthful effects of Aegyo Sal!

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